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All About Me

God has done some amazing things in our midst over the last 68 years since 1954 when the first mustard seed was planted to start our church! Remembering all that He has brought into our lives is inspiring and exciting to share with others. The story of Cielo Vista Church is your story, and it is an incredible way to introduce people to a God that is more real than they ever imagined.

Cielo Vista Church is not just a church. It is a group of people that believe God is ready to change the world. Our early days were nothing more than a few friends that completely committed themselves to God – day after day, week after week, person by person. Driven by a core conviction that God stood ready to change the lives of people that opened their hearts to Him – we saw God move. We saw God win the hearts and minds of people that were far from him, win back broken homes and broken marriages, and win in every kind of hopeless situation. It changed the way we saw God.

The backdrop of Cielo Vista Church has changed a lot – from a small church expanding into a well envisioned, enlarged building for future expansion, a move to several locations, and a few church name changes – but Cielo Vista Church’s heart hasn’t skipped a beat. Our mission, inviting the lost and broken into our Christ-centered journey from empty religion to generational life change!





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