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cielo Vista MIlitary support page

Empowering and connecting with our military heroes and their families

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Welcome friends! We hope to engage our military friends and their families by offering an easy way to connect you to ministries that may interest you while providing stories and highlights to encourage and inspire you!

Memorial day
may 27, 2024


military appercitaion

Dave Roever was our honored guest this Military Appreciation Sunday. Hear how he turned tragedy into triumph! 

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soldier spotlight:
recognizing our military members and families

"I've been a dedicated Christian, husband, father, and Active Duty Air Force Security Forces veteran for nearly 16 years now. It’s a struggle being a Christian in the military, but Christ has been our family’s foundation, and being able to show a strong Christian marriage to others has been a blessing. I grew up going to church, but Cielo Vista Church is the first church I’ve ever served in and has been amazing. Being able to teach our 5th and 6th graders has been one of the most rewarding and impactful parts of my journey thus far."

-TSGT Creech, Curtis - Ft. Bliss TX

SPC Simms - FT. Bliss, TX

“Ever since i gave my life to christ it has not been easy, But the joy and hope i receive is my strength knowing he has paid my way, forever. Salvation is today!"
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

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Our service members' corner is a dedicated space to share your faith based journey and or prayer request. Lets build a military community that will inspire and support one another in Christ.

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