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CVC Biblical Counseling Ministry provides biblical counseling to individuals and couples seeking God's answers to the problems and the questions of life. Even in today's complicated world you can take hope that God has provided answers to life's toughest problems. 

Who can come for counseling? Couples and individuals, whether Partners of Cielo Vista Church or not. 


What kind of counseling is offered?

What does it cost?

What will be expected of me?

Biblical counseling is available for any problem you may be facing- marriage, parenting, divorce issues, addictions, disorders, depression, fear, worry, anger, grief, etc. Our counseling is based on God's Truth as found in the Bible.

We do not charge for actual counseling sessions.

There may be books that will be recommended for use in the counseling process. We request you call us 24-hours in advance for any cancellations. This gives others the opportunity to use that session and demonstrates respect for your counselor's time.

Your counselor will expect at least three things from you. First, that you will have the willingness to grow and change. Second, that you will attend regular sessions as determined by your counselor. Third, that you will complete any homework that will help ensure lasting change.

We're here for you


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